Friday, July 22, 2005

Ghost of a Chance -- Book Review

My cousin, Boston radio personality Angela Bonin, read Ghost of a Chance and wrote this about it:

“Congratuations dear Cousin. You certainly created a couple of memorable characters, set in a compelling location, inside a fast-moving story. You are a master at dialogue. It rings true most of the time, and this is a major skill missing in lots of novelists. I also admire the way you end chapters. Many end not only logically, but with a strong visual image that lingers satisfyingly after you close the book. Buck is a man of integrity, but also deeply flawed with his alcoholism, which makes him interesting and foolish. You can see that he will never "get the girl" because he is so unstable and unreliable. And all through the chapters we keep hoping he will not continue to be his own worst enemy. You tell a good yarn. The story has multiple layers. It is easy to see this as a screen play and a movie. And it is easy to see how you can create more stories for Buck in a series.”

Thanks, Cuz

Eric Wilder Interviewed on Daybreak USA

Al Lerner and Richard Stevens, hosts of Daybreak USA, talked with Eric Wilder yesterday. Their discussion included energy, and Wilder’s novel Ghost of a Chance. Daybreak USA is part of the USA Radio Network and carried on many stations in the southwest. The show features “national news, sports and interviews with the day’s newsmakers.”

Monday, July 18, 2005

Author Eric Wilder Appears on Jordan Rich Show

Last night, Oklahoma author and energy expert Eric Wilder fielded questions from Jordan Rich, WBZ in Boston, about the impending energy crisis and his new book, Ghost of a Chance.  Rich, one of the nation’s most intelligent and thoughtful interviewers, kept conversation about the hot-button topic lively, as did many listeners that called in with their own concerns about energy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interview with Ira Fistell, KABC Los Angeles

A reader brought to my attention that the interview, based on the prior announcement on this blog, could either be midnight Saturday, July 16 or midnight Sunday, July 17.  The interview is at midnight Saturday, actually 12 am on Sunday, July 17.  Sorry for the confusion (hope I get it right!) and I hope you’ll all be listening.  Thanks,  Eric

Broadcasting Legend Ira Fistell to Interview Eric Wilder

Ira Fistell of KABC Radio, Los Angeles, California will interview Eric Wilder on Saturday July 17th at midnight, Central Standard Time.  The interview will last an hour and should really be a good one.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tom Pope Interviews Eric Wilder

Eric Wilder appeared today on the Tom Pope Show, Powernomics Radio Network.  Topics included Wilder’s novel Ghost of a Chance, and what many believe to be a rapidly growing energy crisis that is already approaching critical mass.  Pope, a thoughtful, intelligent man, conversed with Wilder during the breaks, poignantly conveying the fears of his very large listening audience that the rapidly rising price of energy is not being addressed, either by the government or the private sector.  Like Pope, Wilder believes immediate dialogue must begin in order to address this important, perhaps one of the most important, issues facing the nation.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tom Pope of the Powernomics Radio Network to Interview Eric Wilder

Eric Wilder’s media campaign continues on July 11 at 10:30 am when Tom Pope interviews the author of Ghost of a Chance on his national broadcast.  Topics expected to be discussed are the energy crisis, and racial issues highlighted by the new book.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hip Hop Connection's Rod Murray to Interview Eric Wilder

Rod Murray of the Hip Hop Connection will interview Eric Wilder on August 4th at 12:00pm Eastern Time. Subjects will include the oil situation and racial issues in Wilder's new mystery, Ghost of a Chance. The Hip Hop Connection is aired on The program also airs in Africa. An integral part of the plot of Ghost of a Chance concerns a racist East Texas judge.