Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edmond Oklahoma Wild Life

At least two coyotes live near my Edmond, Oklahoma home. I’ve seen the white coyote on several occasions. Tonight, as I sat on my front porch, a red fox with bushy tail appeared to sample the food left by my cats. Yes, my cats are finicky eaters. Much later, around eleven, I returned to the front porch.

My Calico cat, Buttercup, reminds me a lot of Chani, another calico that lived nineteen years, until old age finally got her. Buttercup, unlike Chani, or her brother Buster, isn’t much of a talker. Like Chani, and not Buster, she will sit in your lap all day—as long as you stroke her and tell her how pretty she is. Tonight, as I was doing just that, Patch, my Australian cow dog began barking.

Marilyn and I have a porch light, one of those coiled thingies that don’t burn much energy. The one we have is very low wattage, so the light was dim. Still, I could see the young coyote in the shadows, hungry, but reticent to show himself, or herself (I couldn’t really tell). This animal was red, but a foot taller than the fox I’d seen earlier. The wild pup ran behind some shrubbery but was obviously still close because Patch’s barking never ceased. I decided to try something radical.

I whistled, and then called to the animal. “Come here, Red. I won’t hurt you.”

Soon, the curious animal appeared from behind the shrubbery. Even though I was in plain sight, a mere ten feet from the cat bowls, Red ate his (or her) fill, although keeping a close eye on me the entire time. He knew I was there because I talked to him (or her), keeping up a friendly banter until he (or she) finished eating, glanced at me as if to say thanks, and then disappeared, back into to the darkness.

It’s only May. I’ll keep my trusty digital camera ready. Maybe even get a shot of the elusive beast. Yes, Red is a coyote. Of that I have no doubt. Stay tuned. I may soon have a new family member.


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