Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Garden of Forbidden Secrets - a synopsis

My new book is titled Garden of Forbidden Secrets. It is Book 7 of my French Quarter Mystery Series and is set in New Orleans. I always enjoy writing about New Orleans and this book is no exception. I’m also a huge basketball fan and enjoyed creating Taj Davis, my veteran NBAer, for this book. If you read my last book Sisters of the Mist then you’ll remember I sort of left Eddie Toledo dangling in the breeze. I’ve resolved his dilemma in this book and I’m seriously thinking about spinning off Eddie into a new series. After you read Garden of Forbidden Desires I would love to hear your reactions and thoughts. The book isn’t yet available for pre-order on Amazon but shortly will be. Right now it's available in NookiBooksKobo, and Smashwords. Thanks for your support and I hope you love the book when it comes out on March 1, 2019.


The desire of veteran basketball player Taj Davis to end his professional career in Cleveland is thwarted when he is traded mid-season to New Orleans. His first night in the Big Easy he stays in an old French Quarter hotel crowded because of the Christmas holidays. He's assigned a suite of rooms that haven't been used in more than forty years. When he dozes off in the bathtub, he finds out why.
Accosted by a demon, he escapes into the hallway, his foot lacerated by a broken wine glass. He realizes as a bellman escorts him to the hotel doctor that he is carrying a bloody voodoo doll. He also learns that the strange tattoo on his chest is a voodoo symbol with an unknown meaning.
On a trip to a voodoo shop to find out about the tattoo and the bloody voodoo doll, he meets a young woman named Adela with an identical tattoo on her chest. Sensing that something frightening and possibly supernatural has brought him and the young woman to New Orleans, Taj retains voodoo mambo Mama Mulate and her partner French Quarter sleuth, Wyatt Thomas to help him solve the mystery.
They soon learn Adela isn't the young woman's real name and that she may be the reincarnation of an Irish witch that has knowledge of a terrible secret long hidden in a dark, French Quarter garden.


Born near Black Bayou in the little Louisiana town of Vivian, Eric Wilder grew up listening to his grandmother’s tales of politics, corruption, and ghosts that haunt the night. He now lives in Oklahoma where he continues to pen mysteries and short stories with a southern accent. He is the author of the French Quarter Mystery Series set in New Orleans and the Paranormal Cowboy Series. Please check it out on his AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo and iBook author pages. You might also like to check out his website.

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