Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

There’s a biker’s bar in Oklahoma City that’s also a restaurant and off-track betting facility. Marilyn and I like going there on Friday’s to eat Oklahoma comfort food (chicken fries, steak fingers, fried okra and cream gravy, etc.) and bet on the ponies. That’s where we were yesterday along with friends J.R. and Carol.

I’m not a great handicapper and almost always lose more than I win. I like wagering on names and lost six bucks in last week’s Kentucky Derby betting on Itsmyluckyday. It wasn’t! I think he finished sixth. Yesterday was no different. I was losing more than winning when the horses for the next race at Woodbine (we were watching races at several tracks so I’m not sure which one) showed the horses for the next race. The name of one of the horses was Mavis Road.

Mavis Road is a street in Ontario, Canada. Mavis was also my mother’s first name. One of the track pundits picked Mavis Road as a possible strong contender. It didn’t matter to me. Even with the odds at 22-1 that Mavis Road would win, I would have bet on the horse because it had the same name as my mother. Mavis Road didn’t win the race. It did come in second place and I won almost thirty bucks on a six dollar bet.

Do I believe my mom had anything to do with my success in the race? You bet I do. My mother, like almost everyone else’s on the face of the earth, was the single most important person in my life. Even from the grave I feel she’s still close by; always lending a helping hand. Thanks Mom, for reminding me you’re still with me, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.



Amanda Masters said...

beautiful post Eric! I think your mother would be smiling down at you for this and saying go get them!

I too wrote about my Mom this mothers day check it out.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Eric. I met your mom probably 30 years ago - great lady!

Hope you and Marilyn dodged the bullet last night - Oklahoma is in all of our prayers.


Cousin Andrew, Grandmother Rood's Great Grand Nephew.