Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Can Buy Almost Anything on Amazon

You can buy almost anything on Amazon! While doing research for my new French Quarter mystery, Black Magic Woman, I came across an article about pendulums. Among many other things, they apparently are sometimes used by diviners to channel spirits. After searching for pendulums on Amazon, I was surprised there were many for sale. I ordered a bloodstone pendulum. The one that arrived was actually tipped with a green stone (jadeite ?) and not bloodstone. No problem! I love it anyway. Next full moon, watch out!


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Amanda Masters said...

lol...I have bloodstones here at my house! bought a couple in Salem when I was there last and some I got from a woman who used to sell them here who got hers shipped in from Brazil.

Wiccans use pendulums all the time when divining.