Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mardi Gras in OKC

Mid-January temps were in the 60s yesterday, here in Oklahoma. Since Mardi Gras madness is in full swing in the Big Easy, Marilyn and I had Bourbon Street brunch at Pearl's, a local Cajun restaurant. After brunch we were going to do a little thrift store browsing. We never made it, going to VZD, a favorite watering hole, instead. Our friend Terry Felts- yes, the death investigator - joined us.

VZDs has numerous beers on tap, including Coop's (an Oklahoma City brewery) DNR. Yes, it means what you think. Since it contains around 10% alcohol, you should never drink more than two pints. Whoops! I had three and Marilyn had to drive me home. Nice visit with Terry and I'm feeling better today, my stomach no longer bubbling like a toxic waste dump.

Here's a picture taken from the balcony. Terry (gray hair with his back to the camera) and Marilyn are seated in the foreground. Great fun. Even if we weren't in New Orleans, it felt like Mardi Gras.


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