Monday, June 04, 2012

Urban Ducks

An early morning thunderstorm added to the humidity already rampant in central Oklahoma. As I took my afternoon walk, it made the day’s ninety-degree temperature feel like a hundred. Many creeks dissect hilly Edmond. A pair of wild ducks lives in a small pond formed by one of the creeks. Though Marilyn disagrees, I say they are the same two ducks that have been returning to the neighborhood every year for the past seven years.

The ducks found this pond last year. Now, they have a pair of ducklings they hatched and are raising. A year ago, the pond was tiny, affected like the rest of Oklahoma by persistent drought. No drought in 2012. Tonight, as I took a dip in my pool and played with my pups, I stared up at the full moon, peaking through hazy cloud cover. The humidity makes me happy. I bet my two favorite ducks also love it, and despite what Marilyn thinks, I’ll see them at the pond again next year.


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