Friday, May 14, 2010

Albino Coyote

Oklahoma weather is quite bizarre. This year, it is nothing less than weird. Killer tornadoes struck earlier this week destroying more than a hundred homes. Two nights ago, thunder almost rolled me out of bed. Last night, the storms returned, bringing with them unseasonably chilly temperatures and lots of rain. They also brought out a new beast to my front yard.

My beautiful Shepherd dog Velvet is sick. I think she is just getting old. She has arthritis, allergies and is picky, picky, picky. She was lying amid her cedar chips tonight when I heard Patch, my Australian cow dog, begin barking. I went to the front door, expecting to see the young red fox that likes to eat my cat’s left-over food. What I saw when I gazed out the door wasn’t a fox.

I gazed out at an albino coyote. Yes, this is what I think it was. It wasn’t a dog. Its front legs appeared longer than its rear legs. It was almost ghost-like, a creature almost devoid of color. I watched it for a minute and then went to the kitchen for my trusty digital camera. When I pointed it at the beast, it ran away, into the shadows.

I know, no one is ever going to believe me without a picture. I put some more food in the cat’s plate, left the front door open and I am waiting for Patch to start barking again.


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