Friday, May 30, 2008

Totally Naked Geology

All geology students are required to take a course called Field Geology. I took mine near Batesville, Arkansas where I learned how to use an alidade, brunton compass and map surface formations. The real purpose of the course, I learned much latter, is to immerse aspiring students of geology in the sight, taste, and smell of the earth.

Like every other profession, geology is mostly male dominated. That said, there are many excellent females in the business. Geologists are all a weird bunch (myself included) and female geologists seem to take this trait at least one step further.

What I mean is, don’t argue with a female geologist about anything unless you have your facts down pat. If you don’t, be prepared for an ass kicking. All female geologists have minds of their own, and beware the fool. Here is a story told to me by the former head of the University of Missouri geology department that exposes my point. Well, something gets exposed here.

Missouri’s field camp one summer had twenty-five males and only one female geology student. The camp was in the foothills of Colorado where the summers are always hot. Mid-afternoon, all the male geology students would doff their shirts while out in the field, mapping the local geology.

This went on for a week or so and it apparently played on their female counterpart’s psyche. She must have thought about it because one day when they began taking off their shirts, she doffed her own, bra included. Did I mention that she was quite attractive?

The students were spread out across the mountainous terrain, but news of their female counterpart’s topless display spread quickly, resulting in lots of ogling, staring at her through their alidades, and moving their stations closer to get a better look. Lady Geologist didn’t mind the attention and continued doing her job as if nothing had changed.

Once wasn’t enough but the novelty of Lady Geologist’s nudity wore off with her male counterparts before very long. When summer camp ended, she had a pretty good tan, and all the male students had new respect and understanding concerning the weaker sex.

Geologists, as I’ve mentioned, are a strange bunch. Nothing was ever said, or made, of Lady Geologist’s nudity and none of the professors running the camp reprimanded her for her actions. They already knew about female geologists and realized that she was just demonstrating that she could do anything that the boys could do.

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