Monday, March 10, 2008

Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations

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I wrote a story called Chicken Fries. The story is largely true and recounts one summer when my then wife Anne and I, and our friend Ray, watched a drilling well in Grant County, Oklahoma from the interior of a rented former motor home of Country singer Wanda Jackson, a one-time girlfriend of Elvis Presley.

The story includes details of Satanism and cattle mutilations. In the summer that Chicken Fries occurred, such stories dominated the headlines in newspapers throughout the country. During this period, most Oklahoma newspapers and news stations considered a sheriff in Grant County the expert of choice on Satanism and he was always consulted when a mutilated cow found or newly formed crop circle was found. Pundits were torn between pointing the finger of guilt at Satanists, or extra-terrestrials. In my story, the Satanists were actually pagans, members of the Southern Death Cult.

It was an interesting time that seems behind us now. Maybe, but in my novel in progress, Panther Stalking, Buck McDivit encounters an all-female sect of the Southern Death Cult at a compound in Logan County, Oklahoma, and more than cattle mutilations and crop circles are involved.


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