Friday, July 22, 2005

Ghost of a Chance -- Book Review

My cousin, Boston radio personality Angela Bonin, read Ghost of a Chance and wrote this about it:

“Congratuations dear Cousin. You certainly created a couple of memorable characters, set in a compelling location, inside a fast-moving story. You are a master at dialogue. It rings true most of the time, and this is a major skill missing in lots of novelists. I also admire the way you end chapters. Many end not only logically, but with a strong visual image that lingers satisfyingly after you close the book. Buck is a man of integrity, but also deeply flawed with his alcoholism, which makes him interesting and foolish. You can see that he will never "get the girl" because he is so unstable and unreliable. And all through the chapters we keep hoping he will not continue to be his own worst enemy. You tell a good yarn. The story has multiple layers. It is easy to see this as a screen play and a movie. And it is easy to see how you can create more stories for Buck in a series.”

Thanks, Cuz

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