Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cities of the Dead - a Wyatt Thomas Mini-mystery

Before writing Big Easy, I wrote ten short stories involving Wyatt Thomas, Mama Mulate, Bertram Picou, and Tony Nicosia. Cities of the Dead is one of these stories. A wealthy Mississippi businessman approaches Wyatt to help him locate his mother's grave. A night excursion into St. Louis Cemetery #1, and visit to voodoo queen Marie Laveau's grave, ensues. No trip to New Orleans is complete without visiting at least some of the gothic, above-ground crypts made so famous by Anne Rice's vampire novels. If a trip to the Big Easy isn't in your immediate plans, read Cities of the Dead instead, and take that trip in your imagination. The Kindle version is available on Amazon for 99 cents, and in every other format at for the same price.


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